Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adirondack Chair Display Starts Sunday

21 artists - 21 unique chairs - great summer celebration! Building on a successful first event, this second installment of Adirondack chairs promises to be just as exciting. There are eight returning artists, with three artists under 14 years old. Seven artists are Ruston residents, five from Tacoma and the rest hail from Olympia to Seattle.

The works of art will displayed in front of Town Hall (5117 N. Winnifred) from 4 to 7pm starting this Sunday, July 22nd through Friday, July 27th. The chairs will then be auctioned off in a silent auction on Saturday, July 28th at the Joyce Community Center (5219 N. Shirley) beginning at 6:30pm. Proceeds help fund more great projects for Ruston Arts and Parks. For more details, contact Ginger or Lucy at And stop by to admire our local talent and maybe even purchase a beautiful chair of your own!


Beth said...

A very awesome event!
Everyone, please check out this years Adriondack Artist Chair Event ~ even if you do not plan on bidding. You will be so impressed with the talent that we have among us!!

A lot of these chairs are from our own local talent ~ maybe your neighbor....who would of thought. And a huge "thank you" to the artists from outside our small borders!!

The sale of these creations support local projects for Ruston's beautification through "Rustons Arts and Parks".

I do hope Ruston Arts & Parks enjoy a large and successful turnout~6:30pm, Saturday, the 28th @ the old Ruston School on Shirley St.
The purchase of a Chair will obviously capture a place in your heart & home and promote beutification projects in Ruston.

Thank you to the Ruston Arts & Parks Team!

Anonymous said...

"In a small town, rumors are rampant. It can be challenging to get timely confirmation, especially when talking to "local bloggers" is frowned upon by some."
Besides this local blog, what other "local Blogs" are there?

Ruston Home said...

No other Ruston-centric blogs that I know of. The reference is to the wording used by some public officials. My guess is they are referring to this blog when they express their displeasure or reluctance to share information with "blogs".

Beth said...

I'm sure donations to "Ruston Arts and Parks" will gladly be accepted at Saturdays Silent Auction if you have not fallen in love with a chair. (check them out more than once ~ there may be one that keeps you awake at night ;) ~*

Please feel free to come join in the excitement of the event this Saturday and be comfortable contributing to the "Ruston Arts and Parks" ~ however you want!

6:30 Saturday, July 28th at the Joyce Community Center (5219 N. Shirley)