Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Peninsula Park Plans

The plans for capping the slag peninsula were outlined in an in-depth article in the News Tribune today (article here). Clean soil will be mined from the hillside above the Yacht Club road for capping material. Point Ruston says their goal is to open the waterfront walk by year's end, with a path to the peninsula area.

Metro Parks plans to finish off the peninsula park someday, and has spectacular hopes to develop the area around the go-cart track into restaurants, a pavilion and more (details here). The views are great on that point of land. All that's needed now is the funding!

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Anonymous said...

Metro Parks needs to sell this property ASAP. They don't have the money or skills to do anything with it for years to come. Do the right thing Metro and sell it to someone who can and will do something useful with it. We need tax revenue. Not a fenced off slag pile.