Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Council Meeting Notes: Jan. 2, 2013

Mayor Hopkins called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. Councilmember Hedrick was excused and Councilmember Kristovich was absent (arriving late). Councilmember Hunt asked if they should add something to the agenda from an email the attorney had sent. After discussion, Item 3 was added to discuss liaisons to the council.

Staff Reports
Engineering: Jerry Morrissette updated progress on the sewer project. The contractor will still be required to repave three alleys in the spring when the weather gets better, but they are protesting. It is time to close out the loan so the city can lock in the interest rate, but keep contract open and use sewer funds for any remaining work. There are still punch list items to complete. The contractor is going through the bond process for any remaining work so the city can declare substantial completion to close out the loan. Hopkins noted that the staff working on other major road projects (Ruston Way, Yacht Club Road, Baltimore Street) and doing great job staying ahead of curve.

Public Comment

1. Resolution 531 – Authorizing Contract Award to Fence Specialist: The mayor explained this action is part of the work to move overhead utilities underground along Commercial Street. Hunt questioned language in resolution that states there is an Exhibit A. Exhibit A is supposed to be the scope of work, but it is part of the contract. The resolution was changed to delete the reference to an exhibit. Councilmember Hardin confirmed that work starts Jan. 8th and there is funding in the 2013 budget. Hardin shared that Hedrick felt that this vote would be a conflict of interest for him since this improvement impacts his property. The mayor said the attorney did not agree – with such a small community many improvements could impact individual council members too often to reasonably recuse themselves for that reason. Passed 4-0.

2. Resolution 532 – Authorizing Contract Award to Tercom Construction, Inc.: Hunt had the same issue with no Exhibit A, so the resolution was changed to remove the reference. Hunt confirmed where the lights will be located; she was concerned about darkness at night by her house. There are no plans for any additional lights right now. Passed 4-0.

3. Discussion – Councilmembers As Liaisons: After discussion, these assignments were agreed to - Hedrick:  budget, Hunt: infrastructure, Hardin: public safety/courts, Kristovich: parks/public works, Judd: land use/development. Motion passed 4-0.

Claims & Payroll passed 4-0 with no discussion.

Mayor’s Time
Hopkins asked Kristovich to work with him with the idea of a system that uses radio to reads electrical meters. The idea is being researched now. The change would allow meters to be read from the street without fighting dogs, or entering private property. Kristovich asked if Tacoma does this. The mayor said no, they are looking at more expensive system. Hardin asked if there are any concerns that the system could be hacked. Hopkins had not heard of any, but will check. He also noted two new building applications for houses at Stack Hill.

Council Time
Hunt wanted to know if the lights on the bridge be changed to new style fixtures or at least paint them to match. Mayor Hopkins will check on the costs.

Hardin, no comments.

Kristiovich, no comments.

Judd, no comments.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.


Anonymous said...

Hunt: she was concerned about darkness at night by her house

No problem voting for the poor lighting on Stack Hill???

Ruston Home said...

She felt the lack of lighting on Commercial Street, especially at the crest of the hill near Baltimore, was dangerous.