Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why Ruston Is Cool

A neighbor recently posted on Nextdoor this great story about what makes Ruston such a cool place to live:

A big THANK YOU to all of the kind neighbors we met today in Ruston, and especially to Ray for saving the day!!! I woke up this morning with the disheartening realization that even though my kids and I had somewhere to be in just over an hour, I did not have a car seat for my toddler. It had mistakenly been taken with our minivan to the car shop in Spanaway where the van was getting fixed. The kids and I took the double-stroller and started walking around Ruston on a mission to find a friendly neighbor who might have an extra car seat. We met many wonderful and kind people who took the time to check their garages, to walk with us to meet more neighbors, or to smile and offer advise. In the end, Ray saved the day when he pulled his recycling truck up to our house with a loaner car seat from the new daycare center, Stepping Stones Academy, who had one to spare! Thank you, Tierra, for offering that to us! I feel so blessed to be living in a small town (with the conveniences of a big city, nonetheless!) surrounded by such kind neighbors. With a car seat loaner secured, we made it to our scheduled activity (better late than never), and were able to drive to the auto shop to retrieve our toddler's car seat. Thank you all, again! Hopefully those of you who opened your front doors to us are reading this -- thank you, all! It was a fun adventure, and we look forward to seeing you all around town again.


Anonymous said...

Wish Helen had lived long enough to see people getting along in Ruston, she would have been pleased. Heard her at town meetings saying "we need to get along together" Hallelujah Helen RIP.
Helen Accra 1938 - 2015 Long time Ruston resident

Anonymous said...

even if for only one day…….

Anonymous said...

Maybe. Just maybe. People were listening.