Thursday, March 24, 2016

Have Some Fun On Wheels This Weekend

Wheel Fun Rentals Grand Opening at Point Ruston
Just in case you are looking for something fun to do over Easter weekend, the new bike rental shop is opening at Point Ruston, just behind the play ground. More details at Point Ruston's blog here...


RUSTCITY said...

Anybody home?

Ruston Home said...

Home but busy with other parts of life. If you know of anyone who wants to contribute or take the reins, please email me at

Jim said...

interesting 100 years ago story about Ruston and alcohol being sold in the drugstore to mechanics?

Anonymous said...

Jim Where is this story to be found? Would like to read it. Thanks

Jim said...

It was on page 2B News Tribune LOOKING BACK 100 years ago Wednesday May 25th:

May 25, 1916:
Almost everybody in Ruston is a "mechanic" according to the records of a pharmacy on Pearl Street which shows $75 worth of sales (an average of 60 sales) of alcohol for "mechanical purposes." County authorities captured a large quantity of intoxicants.

That is it in entirety. Amazingly May 25, 2016 the same insanity is capturing a recreational herb THC also known as marijuana much to the glee of the Mexican drug lords.

Those were the days when the pharmacist would listen to your ailment and mix a potion for you. Only Doctor was at the smelter.