Thursday, October 25, 2012

Council Meeting Notes: Oct. 16, 2012

The meeting was called to order by the clerk. Mayor Hopkins and Councilmember Hedrick were excused. Councilmember Hardin nominated Councilmember Jane Hunt as mayor pro-tem to run the meeting.

The agenda was approved with no changes, 4-0.

Staff Reports
Police: Chief Kunkel reported that the Tip A Cop at Red Robin was great fun and raised $2,900 for Special Olympics. The police department will pass out candy with fire department on Halloween night, and have equipment out for kids to explore, pictures and more. Officer Celis has been promoted to corporal. Kunkel then outlined last month’s calls, including a DUI, meth with the intent to distribute, child luring, shots fired and domestic violence.  He is still working on getting updated computers. The deal with Pierce County Sheriff’s old ones did not work out, but he may have found some inexpensive units. Hardin confirmed the calibration schedule for the radar equipment.

Fire: Chief Torbet said there were only 5 medical aid calls last month. The department remains at 23 fire fighters with two leaving and two coming on board, one of which is already trained as an EMT. Several fire fighters were trained high rise rescue last month and will train the rest. The department has submitted their budget to the mayor. Seven agencies trained with BNSF personnel for rail line emergencies recently, including the Ruston Police.

As part of National Fire Prevention Week, the department hosted open house last weekend and provided fire training at Point Defiance School with the blessing of Tacoma Fire. Chief Torbet thanked fire fighters Carl Camps and Sarah who worked very hard to pull together these events and gather donations for the department. Part of the week activities included delivering about 30 pizzas. If the occupant allowed the department to check their smoke detectors and they were working, they got the pizza free. One of the fire fighters noted that it was a good exercise because they got to know the house layouts, where kids sleep, etc.

The chief reminded everyone about the department’s goal to make Ruston the most CPR trained community. The training paid off big time for a local couple who recently took the class. The man went into cardiac arrest and the wife started doing CPR until the fire department arrived. That man is coming home from the hospital this week. The department still wants to get entire town trained. Hardin commended chief and department for how well they treated the resident when delivering pizza. Councilmember Kristovich said she knows family that experienced the heart attack and they are raving about the service from the fire fighters. Hunt reported that when she fainted recently it only took 2 minutes for the department to arrive at her door. She and her partner want to take CPR class. She is struck by how much the department does for the town. Torbet promised to pass along the thanks and compliments to the department.

Public Comment
Kevin Moser thanked the town staff and council for their proactive work. He felt the town had turned corner with things like the undergrounding of utilities in his neighborhood, with hopefully more to come.

Ken Brown wanted to know if they could still get items on the sewer project punch list. The town planner suggested he send an email to sewer contact person.

Kathy Brown was very moved by two medical emergency calls close to her home recently. She encouraged the council to be sure to fund the police and fire departments.

1. Resolution 528Expressing Intent to Adopt an Updated Master Shoreline Program: Planner Rob White gave overview of the measure. It has been 3 years of planning, hearings, comments and more on this shoreline update. The Department of Ecology regulates the state’s shorelines and has a required format and procedure. The town is updating its 1970’s version, which was written for a smelter. The approved Master Development Plan (MDP) is vested, so the new regulations only apply to new development. The previous goal was to encourage public access, but the new plan now requires it. They have held three public hearings, Ecology and the town attorney have reviewed it and the planning commission has approved it. Ecology’s process allows for one final review but the final document must have council approval before it comes to them the last time. If Ecology approves this final version, it comes back as an ordinance to the council, probably in January.

Hardin asked the planner to outline shoreline area. He confirmed that both Point Ruston and Metro Parks are affected by this plan. The planner said he would bring back the response from Parks and Tacoma in executive session, since this is an application that can be kept private (perhaps an application for the new Yacht Club road?). The height of 35’ allowed in the shoreline area means any new development over that height would need a conditional use permit. The MDP approved heights stay in place unless the project changes hands. The Silver Cloud Hotel height is already approved. There were no further comments from the planning commission chair. Passed 4-0.

Claims & Payroll approved 3-0.

Council Time
Hardin was excited today to the new garbage truck practicing in his alley.
Kristovich none.
Judd none.

The meeting adjourned at 7:39pm.

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