Friday, October 12, 2012

Fire Department Open House Tomorrow

The fire department sent out reminders today about their open house tomorrow starting at 10am. Please stop by and check it out! We are blessed with the best volunteers and these events prove why..
On Saturday October 13th we will be hosting an open house at Town Hall / Fire Station at 5117 North Winnifred St... The event will be from 10:00 a.m.  Till 2:00 p.m...  We will have demonstrations for kids and adults alike, events for the kid’s, fire engine tours, and goodie bags.  
The reality is that when fire strikes, your home could be engulfed in smoke and flames in just a few minutes.
It is important to have a home fire escape plan that prepares your family to think fast and get out quickly when the smoke alarm sounds. What if your first escape route is blocked by smoke or flames? That's why having two ways out is such a key part of your plan. This year’s theme, “Have 2 Ways Out!” focuses on the importance of fire escape planning and practice.

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