Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Community Christmas

I love this town (and yes, I still call us a town despite the "city" pride of some). And I love our public safety heroes. They rescue us in crisis, but know us by name and consistently give back to this community above and beyond the call of duty.

Case in point, this year's annual toy and food drive, capped off by a visit from Santa last Saturday. Former mayor Kim Wheeler dressed up once again and greeted more than a dozen local children with his deep, Santa-like voice. The police department registered id's for the kids. The little ones left with candy, parents with plenty of pictures and smiles all around.

Plus the fire department toured the town, collecting food and toy donations from front porches. The goodies were added to the piles of donations dropped off at town hall by residents and staff. The whole haul was then given to Toys For Tots, the Salvation Army and FISH Food Bank.

With Christmas almost here, I am grateful for neighbors who are friends and a community as close-knit as Ruston in this beautiful little town. Thanks to all for another year of great holiday celebrations!                                   Karen


Beth said...

Could not ask for more ~ friends and neighbors reaching to our borders that have shared so many experiances are all family that will always be a part of me. Quirky as we all may be...I call it family!

Merry Christmas to you and a wonderful New Year!

1983 ~ 2013+

Anonymous said...

What are their names. We'd like to say 'HI ----'' when we see them

Anonymous said...

Quirky we are. The change from Town to City was not a pride thing. It was an ecomonical and survior "thing". We are Ruston (thank the good Lord) and not tacoma because of it. Our kids and there kids will always know it as such. Ruston. The smallest,greatest City on earth!

Merry Christmas everybody, and
Happy New Year!

Ruston Pride forever.

Ruston Home said...

I don't have names for all our public safety folks, but they are in uniform. So please do say hi - and thank you - when you see them!