Friday, March 1, 2013

Spectacular And Historic Walk

It is an historic day at Point Ruston. For the first time, the public can walk the shoreline of the former smelter property, at least part of it. The first leg of the Waterwalk is open to the ferry, which now serves as a sales center for the new development. The fences are down and folks can wander over the octopus tile mosaic, sit in the benches at the gazebo to gaze over Commencement Bay and Mount Rainer or continue out to the ferry to visit the sales center.

Loren Cohen, Legal Affairs Manager for Point Ruston and son of owner Mike Cohen, expressed excitement at this first step. This is an important element in their redevelopment vision. He said their team is looking forward to the full Waterwalk opening - right now the path is blocked just past the ferry. Cohen noted it's the first time in more than a century that the public has been able to enjoy this part of Commencement Bay.

The ferry sales center will be open Friday-Monday from noon-4pm, with hours extending as the days get longer. It's a short walk, but one of the most beautiful in the South Sound. Like that irritating ad says - Get down here!


Jim said...

spectacular already and much more to be done!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing views! Can't wait for the next leg to open up. Point Ruston, you are doing a fantastic job.