Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Time to Dust Off Those Pruning Shears

Here is your chance to warm up your pruning skills and help beautify the town at the same time. This email came in today, so put it on the calendar! 
Heads up!  Shauna Cozad (certified arborist and 3-yr resident of Ruston ) will be presenting a pruning workshop on Sunday March 24 at 1:00 in the afternoon.  We’ll meet in front of the Town Hall.  This hands-on workshop will last about 2 hours—rain or shine.  Plan to bring your pruning tools—no chainsaws please—and gloves so we can practice on trees and shrubs on Winnifred Street .
This pruning workshop will:
  •   Review the tools, terminology and basic biology of trees
  •   Review the 5 essential steps in training young landscape trees (2-5 years)
  •   Learn the pruning types - crown cleaning, trimming, raising and reduction
  •   Dispel myths about outdated practices - heading or topping, flush cuts and sealing wounds
  •   Review corrective pruning techniques for mature trees
  •   Pruning conifers or "evergreens"
  •   Build confidence to take your skills home with some hands-on pruning practice time
  •   What to bring: hand tools; no chainsaws please; notebook and a pair of gloves
Shauna Willett is a certified arborist and landscape designer with seven years experience consulting, climbing, pruning and teaching about trees and urban forestry. She has a BS in Landscape Architecture and an MA in Geography and Urban Forestry from UC Davis. She has lived in Ruston for 3 years with husband Chris and baby daughter Harper.

Call Ginger, 752-3041 with questions.

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