Monday, June 24, 2013


White sails on a blue canvas. Gentle breeze over the water. Memories merge into the present.

Dave loved his work. He loved sailing even more. His efforts laid the groundwork for the new park that will likely be named after someone who hated what lays beneath this reborn patch of dirt. Like so many others, Dave worked hard to make what we are finally seeing at Point Ruston and Peninsula Park a reality. He spoke often of leaving a legacy in this dirt - knowing that he had a part in turning a smelter into a place of peace and renewal.

Dave and those who labored beside him will not have a park named after them. But their efforts mattered. They negotiated the deals that allowed these projects to finally move forward. They found creative ways to solve environmental challenges with price tags that could actually be funded. Although the final work is carried out by others, its their dream that we see coming to fruition.

I could almost feel Dave sigh with satisfaction in the breeze Saturday and sense his pleasure in the rippling sails along our new shoreline. He and others like Tom and Kevin and Sue and countless others have indeed left us a beautiful legacy.

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Beth said...

Been there with you guys all the way your hard work to make this development happen.

Your team made this possible! I thank you all for your vision and sacrifices...

Bless you Dave ~ RIP ~ I am so very thankful of your vision, energy and follow through that made this project available for someone to pick it up and run with it!

I didn't enjoy the struggles yet am proud to have been part of the process... Dave, I'm sure you are smiling today.

Yes...Tom, Sue and Kevin... you all continue to rock in my world!!!