Monday, June 10, 2013

Mayor Hopkins Health

At the last council meeting, Mayor Bruce Hopkins announced his recent health challenges had been diagnosed as Wenger's disease, which he described as an autoimmune disease. According to Mayo Clinic's definition, this a rare disease that causes inflamation of the body's vital organs and can damage them if not caught early enough.

Hopkins confirm his prognosis is good and he thanked several community members for their assistance; including Ken and Kathy Brown, Dr. Tom Ferrer - and the Ruston Fire Department. He expressed deep gratitude for the many well wishes from the community and he looks forward to a full recovery.


Jim said...

Bruce is in need for Ruston to remain on an even keel. Wishing him all the best.
Thanks to God we saved the Ruston Fire Department

Anonymous said...

Glad the Mayor is doing okay. Hardly seems appropriate though for you to post such personal info on your blog.

Ruston Home said...

I appreciate the concern for privacy. I am only repeating what was announced publicly at the last council meeting.