Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Safety Reminder

This reminder from our Ruston Police:

***SAFETY REMINDER*** Do not let anyone you do not know into your house and always follow universal safety precautions.

We have had a couple of reports of a female asking residents to see things in their yard (decorations, yard art, etc.) and then asking to go in the house to use the restroom. The person then leaves and says she forgot something inside and asks to go back in. No one that we know of so far has allowed her back in the second time and nothing has been stolen or reported missing so far but we think its important to always ask questions and never let someone in your home that you do not know and trust.

Some of the criminal element uses a ruse similar to this to case your homes and to see if there is anything inside that they want to come back and steal. We want to ensure everyone has a happy holidays and do not want to see any one become a victim.

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