Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is Gritty Upperclass Possible?

This analysis about Tacoma in today's Crosscut is getting a bit of attention. The author, Benjamin Anderstone, is a Tacoma native who discusses Tacoma's strength's and challenges. He describes the grit of the city, the second-behind-Seattle status and how local culture has and is changing. There are some similarities to Ruston, although I feel that in some ways Ruston has happily turned its back on any sense of grit or 'eclectic nature'. Many are working hard to focus only on being the upper-class enclave of the South Sound. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but as one who loves and celebrates our gritty past, I think we lose more than we gain if we forget our roots. What do you think?   Karen


Ruston Home said...

That's not to say our history is ignored. The newest Comprehensive Plan included a history section and Point Ruston is working on a nice historical display. I'm referring more to the cultural shift that says we are smarter and better than our blue-collar roots.

Anonymous said...

smarter and better than blue collar roots OMG
in the "Is gritty uperclass Possible?" blog of Ruston Home you say "I think we LOOSE more than we gain if we forget our roots." LOOSE means not tight, LOSE means be deprived of. Smarter and better... yuk

Ruston Home said...

Thanks for the correction!