Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Michael Johnson: 1953-2014

I haven't had the time to do this community blog justice lately, but I'll l stay up late tonight because this is important. Former Ruston council member Michael Johnson died earlier this month (obituary link here). Michael grew up in Ruston and his mother Corrine, lived here until recently. I remember him as someone with a smile that would light up a room, but was tough when he needed to be. Besides the time on the council, Michael served our community as a firefighter and EMT. He was only 62 years old, too young to leave us. We were lucky to have his dedication and selfless service. He will be missed.

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Beth T said...

My heart goes out to Michael's family. This is such a shock to see Karen. I count Mike as a long time friend and part of my Ruston family. Way to young to leave us for sure! Mike served us all from his heart ~ Rest in Peace my friend <3