Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kota Captured

This notice was posted today on the Bring Kota Home Facebook page. Kota started his run in Ruston several weeks ago and was finally brought to safety today. All's well that ends well.

I just have to say this community is awesome! The reported sightings from the posters we put up were so beneficial in determining his territory. I will be over in that area this weekend to do poster removal. If you happen to see a poster and can take it down before then, we would appreciate it. So here is how Kota's run came to an end. Drum roll please........Kota was captured in a fenced yard last night. Once contained the home owners were able to get a hold of him. He is safe and we are working out the details on where he goes from here. Stay tuned. We plan to have pictures of him posted tomorrow with an update. Many thanks to all of you who supported Kota and his recovery.

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Jim said...

Karen, another wonderful Ruston human interest story much like the meandering cat. Keep up the good work.