Friday, December 5, 2014

Goldfish Tavern To Reopen

The successful Kick Starter campaign means the Goldfish will reopen as the Defiant Goldfish soon. One of the new owners published the following letter of thanks.There is still time to contribute until 5pm today!

Hello To The 325 Coolest People I want To Get To Know!

The Kickstarter Campaign is winding down to it's conclusion. We are a couple thousand past our goal, and it is all because of you. Seriously, think about that. If you are reading this e-mail, you are one of the 325 people that are 100% responsible for the re-opening of our wonderful watering hole, The Goldfish Tavern. Yes, it will have a different name, but we are aiming to make it just as special to you as it ever was.

I have tried to make it clear to all of you, that we will go out of our way to show our appreciation to you, for a long time to come. Any event we ever have EVER, the 325 of you will have the first chance to take part in, make reservations for, or get first dibs in, whatever this bar does, till the end of time. You have earned this.

If we have any sort of New Years Eve function, Superbowl Party, or Valentines Dinner, you will be the ones who get the first chance to be there, before we open any options to the General Public. As far as I am concerned, this is a private club with 325 members currently, and we let other folks come in and try us out to help pay the bills. This is how YOU will be treated. (Don't get me wrong, we will treat new folks very very very well, but you will be able to see a difference). 

The fundraiser ends today at 5:00 pm. Yes we are trying to raise as much more money between now and then as possible. Yes, we are adding cool new options all day today. No, I am not asking for more from you. I am saying Thank You. I owe you Corey owes you. The other people that will get to enjoy the fruits of your contributions owe you. All of Tacoma owes you.

All I can do for now is say thanks. I will spend the rest of my working career paying you back for your generosity. You are appreciated. I can't wait to get to know all of you.

Forever in your debt,


Anonymous said...

Hip hip Hurray! Gold fish here we come.

Anonymous said...

Thank the dear Lord they are on the Tacoma side of Pearl Street or this may never have happened.