Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let's Give Back

Sherri is living on borrowed time. Doctors told her decades ago that the scleoderma and its many complications would take her soon.  That’s when she signed over her house over to her longtime live-in boyfriend, Jim. She wanted to ensure he could stay in their home after she died.

But Sherri’s got spunk. She’s outlasted all the predictions with grace and humor despite constant challenge. When Jim died unexpectedly two years ago, Sherri was shocked to discover that Jim had secretly mortgaged their home, leaving her with payments she cannot make.

In a few months Sherri will beg a judge to let her live out her remaining days in her home. Her body is giving out on her and she won’t be around too much longer. She is in kidney failure, severely anemic, her lungs are giving out – it’s a wonder she’s still here.

Everyone who knows this woman knows she lives and breathes Seahawks. But she’s never been to a game. She is a beloved neighbor who has given much to our little community over the last forty-plus years. She singlehandedly raised money buy American flags for our main street. She was an active member of the Firefighters Auxiliary. She’s outspoken, kind and living on a very limited income.

I want to invite anyone (Seahawk player or organization, season ticketholder, anyone) to help us get Sherri and an assistant to the next playoff game – or any game.  She deserves this. We can’t make it happen on our own. Help us give back to a lady who has given so much.

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