Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Police Chief Kunkel Leaving

Officer Celis and Chief Kunkel

Ruston Police Chief Jeremy Kunkel is leaving the department this week for a position with Tacoma police. Kunkel has been an officer in Ruston for over 15 years. He has focused on strong community relations and brought much needed stability to the department. Officer Vic Celis will take over as interim chief until a replacement is found.


Jim said...

Well deserved promotion. Congratulations.

Anonymous said... has 3 articles regarding the
the new interim chief.

"Judge dismisses discrimination lawsuit against lakewood July 8, 2014"

"Former lakewood officer files suit against department Oct 15, 2012"

"Lakewood police officer resigns after investigation into alcohol - related incident Nov 12, 2010"

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous March 19, 2015 at 9:59 AM"
Thanks for this info it is appreciated.

Mauricio Feijó said...

I admire the police department in Ruston. As a prospect resident of this beautiful town I have noticed Ruston's best watching the streets and keeping the peace a few times while house hunting. My latest encounter was this past Saturday, April 11th '15, when a cyclist deliberately spat on my wife, inside our car, before pulling over at the Antique Sandwich store (by the way, what a great place). We are cyclists as well and while giving him 3 feet or more of space, asked him about cycling in Ruston and his answer was the spat. After the unfortunate event I flagged a police car before the roundabout down N 51st, described the incident and asked what could we do, as that is an assault before the eyes of the law, and it was *very* disconcerting. The officer told me he would find and talk to the assailant and encouraged us to go ahead with our day and leave it up to him, avoiding arrests and charges and complications. This is true police work. Avoiding further conflicts and issues while still addressing citizens concerns, even on a non threatening assault like this. Congratulations Ruston! While the violent cyclist with the multiple white buckets attached to his bicycle gave us a awful impression, the officers showed us how civil this great little town is.

Anonymous said...

M Feijo Sorry to hear that a bicyclist ruined your day, gives us all a bad rap. We saw him cycling, with the white buckets attached, near the Narrows Bridge last weekend. Thank you for letting us know that this guy is probably trouble.

Anonymous said...

How did the police help the guy that got spat at? If the spat happened at the Antique Sandwich they where in Tacoma.