Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Council Votes To Pursue Permitting Interlocal Agreement

The Ruston council voted unanimously tonight to pursue an interlocal agreement with Tacoma that would allow Tacoma's land use department to handle all permitting at the Point Ruston site. Tacoma would enforce Ruston codes within Ruston, but the hope expressed by city leaders is that the process would standardize the process for everyone. The News Tribune has more details here...

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Jim said...

Too little to late. Because of harassing campaign against Pt Ruston building completion is years away on Ruston side.. Town is broke. Legal costs and driving their biggest taxpayer out of business was too much.
To bring fire and police to Tacoma (high rise fires) will take half a million dollars. Nothing left to support Pt Ruston.
Squandered $400,000 from sale of land to Commencement on losing battle to stop Point Ruston.
What could of been with reasonable men?