Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ruston Considering Tacoma For Permitting

The News Tribune is reporting (here) that the Ruston council is considering pursuing an inter-local agreement with Tacoma that would allow Tacoma to handle building permitting for the entire site. Tacoma would take over enforcing Ruston code on the Ruston side with their larger planning department. The Ruston council is slated to discuss the issue at it's meeting Tuesday night. You can review the resolution here.

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Jim said...

Point Ruston is historically part of Tacoma split off by the Rust Smelter to avoid taxes.
There is still in place zoning changes to hamstring PR put in place by the Ruston town council. Example height limit in Tacoma 80 feet Ruston 65 feet for no obvious reason.
And policing what a nightmare with two jurisdictions in such a small place one professional one podunk.