Monday, February 2, 2015

Annexation To Tacoma?

This is your chance to let the Tacoma City Council know your thoughts about their taking over the portion of Point Ruston that sits within Ruston.Tacoma Council is holding a public hearing on the Pt Ruston annexation request tomorrow, Tuesday evening as part of their regular council meeting.

Tacoma Council meeting starts at 5:00pm
Public Hearing regarding annexation starts at 5:30pm
The public is encouraged to attend and make comments.
City Council Chambers
Tacoma Municipal Building
First Floor
747 Market Street


Anonymous said...

The citizens of the City of Ruston should
request a Vote and it should be like any/all
voting "ANONYMOUS'.

Anonymous said...

Will the Mayor or Ruston be there?

Ruston Home said...

My understanding is the he and the council will testify.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. The council should start a safe discussions with its citizens by taking an anonymous survey. Many citizens are aware of the bullying behavior this town's officials use towards anyone who speaks out. The council meetings are specifically designed to discourage public input. The council members do not know the citizens and do not talk to them. The council, the mayor, and the chairman of the "planning commission" are all direct neighbors living on one or two blocks overlooking - you guessed it - Point Ruston. A large number of Ruston residents are renters without a stake, a few are long time residents with a grudge, and the rest of us are hostages who would love to be a part of Tacoma.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the developer could submit plans, get them approved, and then pay for the permits. Someone should know what, and how it's being built.
Just a thought. Even third world countries have some sort of system to follow.

Anonymous said...

Ruston is roughly ¼ square mile. Tacoma is 50 square miles. Many areas are similar to Ruston. It is very easy to become part of with your feet.