Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ruston's Defense

Councilmember Jim Hedrick offers his opinion of the Point Ruston permit controversy is a letter to the News Tribune editor, defending the city's actions. You can read it here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Hedrick. Mello, Fey and Jenkins are not concerned with public safety or the fact that this project is in a super fund site. They only care about their friends at Point Ruston.

The solution at this point is for Ruston to oversee the operation and Tacoma subordinate and work with the inspector, engineers legal council and staff from Ruston.

Jim said...

In todays The News Tribune "Time for lawmakers to clear Point Ruston impasse" by Erik Bjornson.
Let's do it call your legislator today.

Jim said...

A lot of gibberish. In four years Ruston's half of Point Ruston not a stick is showing above ground. Tacoma's half is built out and a tax provider to the city. Tacoma/Ruston operate under same set of ground rules.
Tacoma hires architects and engineers, Ruston has a penchant for lawyers.
Their stated mission in 2006 was for a "bedroom community" and it has not changed. Unrelenting attacks on Point Ruston have been ongoing for nine years. Existing businesses in Ruston have not fared any better.
Point Ruston enjoined into Tacoma will be mission accomplished. We are blessed with an "urban community".