Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Change State Law?

The News Tribune is reporting that local legislators have proposed a bill to change state law - to allow Point Ruston to annex itself to Tacoma without Ruston's approval. Read more here.


Anonymous said...

Keep the good news coming. Ruston district of Tacoma?

Anonymous said...

Proof that the City of Ruston can WORK with a builder is the build of
'The Commencement Apartment Building' at 52nd and Bennett street
Ruston, Wa. It was to look like the Brick school building that sits
directly across from it. The building has no brick and does not look
like the
brick school. The apartment building in Ruston looks 'Industrial' and
sits on a bank over looking the Point Ruston/City of Ruston build
property that is in question. If the City of Ruston ALLOWED the
Apartment building build (only feet away from the property in question)
to CHANGE DIRECTIONS (a lot) they know how to work through property
conflicts and should be working harder to get this build completed.

Anonymous said...

The Commencement Apartment building could have been a show piece, in all brick, sitting on that bluff.
The quaint little town deserved better. Point Ruston
will do them a good job.