Thursday, July 23, 2015

Winnifred Street Construction

The reconstruction of the tree-lined Winnifred Street boulevard started in earnest yesterday with the removal of several trees, some of which were dead or diseased. The project includes new streets, sidewalks and upgrading the medians. Construction is expected to last through early fall.

Not all the neighbors are happy with the scope of the project. The city council decided that the tree in the yard at N. 52nd and Winnifred would be removed as part of the work, over the protests of the home owner.

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Anonymous said...

The destruction of Ruston's one standout feature, "The Old Tree-lined Street" has begun in earnest with no plan to restore it. Sure the engineer found a grant to help pay for a street renewal (not to mention keep himself profitable) and he was able to sell it to our mayor and council (not a hard sell - he already new how to wave "free money" in front of their noses, remember the "grant" that was to pay for our sewer project). Speaking of free money, for the next 25 years we get to pay for the "free money sewer project" with the highest sewer rates in the region. Don't be fooled, we will be paying for the Winnifred Street project too. For example, the mayor and council state that there is no money for replanting trees. That's right, no money for trees but well over 100,000 dollars in engineering fees. How is it that the mayor talks about how Ruston is in better shape than other small towns (we are still sitting on millions of dollars from the condo crime) but we have no money for actual improvements for the residents of North Ruston (Lyle jump in any time). It will take 20 years to bring back the Winnifred Trees and Property values - not that the mayor and his South End crew care!