Friday, December 16, 2011

Fire Department Collects Toys Today!

In case you don't faithfully read your town newsletter, late this afternoon the fire department will make their annual round to collected toys for the Salvation Army. Leave your unwrapped new gifts on your porch this afternoon and the team will be by to pick them up around 5:30 or so.

Ruston has been the largest donor in years past, so let's see if we can do that again. You can bring your gift to Don's Market or Town Hall as well. It's a great effort by our local heroes for a great cause!


Anonymous said...

Thought it was this Saturday.

Ruston Home said...

Santa is at town hall today from noon til 3 pm. They won't deliever the toys and food til Tuesday, so if you want to drop something by town hall before then, there is still time.