Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ruston School For Sale Again?

After epic political battles several years ago, the Ruston Town Council is once again considering selling the local school building. Almost 10 years ago, a previous council sold part of the school grounds for a controversial condo building and gave a long-term lease on the school itself to the developers. After two failed attempts, the condo project is in new ownership and the town has regained full control of the school building and parking lots.

At last night's council meeting, elected leaders discussed getting the building appraised and holding public meetings on the future of the building. Citing on-going maintenance and utility costs with the current budget shortfalls, the council and mayor are considering everything from moth-balling the building when the lease for the current occupant expires in January to selling the building. The mayor noted that he has told the new owners of the neighboring Commencement building that the school may be for sale.

The council tentatively set a study session to continue discussion on the issue for 6 pm on Monday, December 19th (before the regular council meeting).


Anonymous said...

Will we be losing the current tenant after January? Or will they extend until they have their own space. It would be a shame to let it go, although you might negociate partial space be set aside for the Mary Joyce Center.
Old buildings are a lot of work and money to keep up with.
Good luck Ruston.

Anonymous said...

Where would the cops go? Back to their old digs? Good luck with that one.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that one?
New owner, good luck dealing with Ruston!

Anonymous said...

Re: "New Owner, good luck dealing with Ruston!"(comment 12-7)

What are the hardships in dealing with and living in Ruston?

Anonymous said...

old tenents/new tenents or residents if you wish...dealing w/Ruston as you say is what "you" make of it.
Personally, I like progress and enjoy the evolving challenges with respect to our for-fathers, I really dislike "stuck in the mud" mentallity.

Good lord, would you still like to be beating your laundry on a rock?

Anonymous said...

Re:"dealing w/Ruston as you say is what "you" make of it."
(comment 12-10)

A "progressive" challenge is not stated in the 12-7 comment, it does not speak of not enjoying evolving challenges.
Your 12-10 comment does not address the anger that is a constant thread in the dialogues that appear on this Ruston blog site.
When you scold and demean the commentor, accusing them of "stuck in the mud" mentallity, and suggest that they would still like to be beating their laundry on a rock "you" stop progress.
You allude to them being wrong because they are disrespectful of the fore-fathers when they state that dealing with Ruston needs LUCK.
Your adverse comment is unwarranted.
Good lord, let them speak their minds, it's how problems are solved.

Jim said...

New POST up RUSTON INSIDER re 2012 fiscal year budget Town future.