Monday, January 30, 2012

One More Day!

You have one more day to get your application and resume delivered to town hall if you want the privilege of serving as councilmember to the good folks of Ruston. The council will appoint a town resident to fill the vacancy created by Dorothy Bailey's resignation. That person will hold that office until the next regular election in 2013. The council has invited anyone interested to submit applications through the end of January, at which time they will interview applicants before making their decision.

There is no word yet if anyone has tossed their hat in the ring. Bryan Ficiala had mounted a last minute write-in campaign against Ms. Bailey. Several council members encouraged out-going councilmember Bradley Huson to consider sticking around two more years. The deadline for applicants is tomorrow at 5 pm. Drop your paperwork off at Town Hall (5117 N. Shirley) if you are interested.

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