Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost A Year

When the tunnel closed last July, a few skeptics predicted the road would take a year to open. Local business and the optimists among us hoped for much better. Turns out the skeptics came closer in their prediction than the optimists. As heralded in the headline in the News Tribune today (link to story here), the latest hope for opening Ruston Way is "well before the 4th of July".

Loren Cohen said the hope is for sooner if the weather will cooperate with some dry, warm weather for stripping and sidewalk work. There is some old saying that goes something like good things are worth waiting for - and all good things come to those who wait... In this case, its true. The new infrastructure and open path across the once-closed landscape will be worth it. And the businesses so impacted by the loss of traffic/customers have survived. We are chomping at the bit, ready to walk the waterfront finally. All's well that ends well.

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