Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Help A Neighbor - The 4-Legged Kind

Besides operating a great local store at N. 51st and Winnifred Streets, Secondhand Hound regularly finds homes for abandoned dogs and raises funds for Animal Aid & Rescue Foundation (AARF). The shop announced on Facebook today a special need for their latest foster dog, Fiona. This lovable friend not only needs a home, she has some special medical needs. If you can help, details on how to donate are in Secondhand Hound's announcement below.

Our foster dog, Fiona will be our charity of the month for May! At her last wellnes exam, the vet said she needs some teeth pulled and a lump removed. It is going to cost about $600! Although the rescue usually covers this, AARF has recently taken in several special needs dogs and currently need a little help with Fiona! We want to do everything we can to help her get healthy so she can find the perfect home! All funds go toward her bill! Drop off a donation to the store, or visit AARF's page and donate to them! www.myaarf.org Make sure to include fiona's name in the donation! Fiona says THANK YOU!!

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