Monday, May 14, 2012

Council Meeting Notes: May 1, 2012

I was late to the meeting, arriving at about 7:10 pm. The council had already started on their business items on the agenda. Councilmember Hunt was absent. Previous meeting minutes are available on the town's web page: (3-19-12) (4-2-12) (February Fire Report) (February Police Report)

  1. Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy: The executive gave an update on the county's progress, which include significant budget cuts (see slides below).
  2. Ordinance 1367 – Amend Street Excavation Permit (2nd Reading): Passed 4-0 with no discussion.
  3. Ordinance 1368- Repeal RMC 12.08 – Small Works Roster (1st Reading): The town attorney explained this was a housekeeping item. The town code currently has a different process than is outlined in the most recent ordinance the council adopted. Councilmember Hedrick had a correction, but there was no other discussion.
  4. Ordinance 1369 – Repeal RMC 1.01.020 and RMC 1-01-040 (1st Reading): More housekeeping to repeal the old codes regarding which newspaper Ruston will use to publish its notices. Councilmember Hardin complimented the town attorney for catching these changes.
  5. Ordinance 1370 – Amend RMC 12.08 Adopting Current WSDOT Standards (1st Reading): Current Ruston code lists 1994 WSDOT standards, this will update Ruston to 2010 standards.
  6. Ordinance 1371 – Amend RMC 5.05 Business Licenses (1st Reading): This change allows for a one-time license for special events at a cost of $10. Hedrick was concerned $10 may not cover the cost for extra police or other costs associated with a special event. The town attorney will review the cost for the event permit to ensure it is high enough to cover the town's costs rather than add it to the business license fees.
  7. Ordinance1373 – Amend RMC 21.02.010 Update Sanitary Sewer (1st Reading): This will pass through the recent rate increase from Tacoma. Hedrick asked if the town could set the rate it charges higher than what it is charged from Tacoma. The mayor confirmed extra goes into the reserves and rates will have to go up again soon to cover the cost of the new sewer project.
  8. Resolution 507 – Designating Town Clerk as Claims Agent: Passed 4-0 with no discussion. 
  9. Resolution 508 – Awarding Bid and Authorizing Contracting for Purchase of Street Lighting Material: (link to actual bids here) Hedrick wanted to know what the material was for. The mayor explained the bid was for three transformers, one of which was surplus. Mayor Hopkins is looking to close out the fund for the new street lights on the north end of town with this purchase. Hardin complimented the mayor on his adherence to the new purchasing procedures. The mayor noted there was only one manufacturer for this material, but the town asked for bids from three distributors. The vote was 3-0 with Hedrick remaining silent. The town attorney said anyone not voting is assumed to have voted with the majority, so the measure passed 4-0.
 Claims and Payroll: Passed 4-0 with no discussion.

Mayor's Time
Hopkins thanked Hedrick for giving the speech at the Ruston Way ceremony of behalf of the town.The mayor expected the roads would be paved soon since the town is close to reaching an agreement with the sewer contractor on that issue. Hedrick noted that one of the alleys already paved is failing.

Council Time
Hedrick thanked the attorney for her work updating the town code. He was glad the sewer project was going fairly well and asked for patience from town residents. He noted the victory in the casino lawsuit and thanked the attorney for a job well done on that issue.
Hardin had no comment.
Kristovich had no comment.
Judd had no comment.

The meeting adjourned at 8:07 pm.

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