Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Council Meeting Notes: Sept. 4, 2012

The meeting began at 7:03pm, with Councilmember Kristovich arriving late and Hunt excused. The agenda and minutes (7-17-12 and 8-7-12) were approved as presented.

Staff Reports
Jerry Morrissette gave an update on the sewer project. They are gathering all outstanding issues on the “punch list” for the contractor to complete. So far there are 150-200 items on the list. The water line work on 49th will not start for several weeks. The town had tried to coordinate between Point Ruston and Tacoma Water so that the work that Point Ruston has to do could on Baltimore be done at the same time as the 49th Street work. The coordination has not worked well and Ruston has notified Point Ruston they are almost a year past their deadline to complete the required work on Stack Hill along Baltimore Street.

General Public Comment

I gave the only comment, asking the council to not add any additional costs to events like the Ruston Family Fair when they consider the Special Events ordinance.

1. Ordinance 1379 – Playfield Park Reservations (2nd Reading): Passed 4-0 with no discussion.

2. Ordinance 1380 – Special Events Permits (2nd Reading): After deciding not to add the provision for cost recovery to the ordinance, it passed 4-0.

3.Resolution 522 – Contract Award to Tercom Agreement #2: This contract brings the underground utilities from Stack Hill to the homes along Baltimore Street in that area. The local homeowners petitioned for this and have agreed to hook their homes into the underground lines. It also adds a transformer and removes a block of above-ground wires and a pole. There is money in the reserve budget for the work.

On a side note, some of the existing poles are rotting. The sewer contractor has had trouble with a few when they are digging in the area. The resolution passed 4-0.

4. Resolution 524 – Contract Award to Tercom Agreement #1: Passed 4-0 with no discussion.

6. Materials Testing and Construction Budget Extension Request: Both these items will come back as resolutions. The sewer work needed additional oversight given the unexpected issues that arose, such as the extensive storm water infiltration found on Highland. So Morrissette’s group is requesting more funds. Mayor Hopkins noted the project is still under budget overall.

Claims & Payroll passed 4-0 with no discussion.

Mayor’s Time
The new garbage cans have been ordered. Hopkins hopes to have the new automated system operating by October 1st. The state is doing an audit, which will cost the town money that was not budgeted for. The UDSA will be doing a walkthrough on the sewer project. USDA provided the low-cost loan that is funding the project. The mayor was able to renegotiate the interest rate on the loan down from 4.25% to 3.5%.

Council Time
No one had any comments.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.

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