Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gas Is Cheaper - In Ruston!

Get down here and check out all that Ruston has to offer these days - and watch the transformation as it unfolds:
  • Ever since the new Chevron station opened last spring at N. Pearl and 51st, they have consistently had lower prices for their higher quality gas. Today's price is $3.89 - as is the price at the two stations on N. 46th. It's over $4 up the hill at the Westgate stations today.
  • When you come down for gas, stop in for a bite at Don's Ruston Market, famous for their milk shakes or the Antique Sandwich Company with their wonderful quiche or the new restaurant at Point Defiance Cafe & Casino. 
  • Check out the newest tile mural across the street from the gas station (visible in the picture above) or enjoy the two new murals that were installed last year. 
  • Look over the just-completed Commencement building - luxury apartments with views without end (literally)
  • Check out the new location for Ruston Galleries, the South Sound's greatest antique store.
  • Take a look at the beautiful new sign and remodel for Wren & Willow, a construction company building their showcase shop.
  • Browse at the new Ruston Trading Post for more vintage deals or pick up your evening libations at the Ruston Liquor Store.  You can spruce up your hair or nails at the Oasis Salon or buy some goodies for the dog at Secondhand Hound.
  • Watch the daily transformation at Point Ruston. There is a great viewing area on the bluff in Stack Hill (Baltimore Street) that overlooks the site. The Waterwalk art is going in and Metro Park's Peninsula has been graded in preparation for the environmental cap.
  • And as always, the beautiful Point Defiance Park beckons with activities for the whole family.


Anonymous said...

Wondering why the Chevron doesn't have a larger permanent pricing sign instead of the short one. Is it a zoning thing?

Ruston Home said...

My understanding is the smaller, shorter signs are all that is now allowed in Ruston's code, so you are probably right.