Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No More Heavy Lifting

Mayor Bruce Hopkins announced at the council meeting last night that the final pieces are now in place for Ruston's new garbage collection system. The town maintenance department will no longer need to manually lift hundreds of heavy cans each week. The town is purchasing this used garbage truck with a lift arm from Camus, Washington and has ordered new garbage cans. The new operation should be in place by early October. Projections indicate no rate increase will be needed.

Mayor Hopkins shared more details:

The colors shown are pretty close to what we ordered. They will be hot stamped with Ruston Washington,the can numbers, and the cans designated purpose (Garbage/Recycle/Yard Waste). Green will be garbage, blue is recycle, and tan is for yard waste.

The City of Camas has graciously offered to deliver the garbage truck with an operator and mechanic to provide town personnel with training on the new equipment.

We will be working on a roll-out plan that will include mailings to all residents and other communications prior to the conversion. While we are excited with the efficiencies this will bring we are well aware that this may inconvenience some.

Here's to save the backs for our guys and moving forward on another front!

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