Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baltimore Street To Open By June

The Ruston council approved a specific schedule requiring Point Ruston to complete improvements of Baltimore Street at their special council meeting on January 29, 2013. The construction will be coordinated with a Tacoma Water project on the same road and opened by June. Notes from the meeting are below:
The meeting was called to order by Mayor Bruce Hopkins at 7pm. All elected officials were present. The agenda was approved with no changes. There were no public comments.

1. Resolution 541Update of Stack Hill Plat Conditions: Ruston planner Rob White outlined the proposed action, which is being done at the request of the developer. The required improvements to Baltimore Street under the Stack Hill plat had not been completed on time. Point Ruston proposed to coordinate the road construction with a Tacoma water line project on the same street. The proposal creates phases; 1) street, curb and gutter on the east side of the centerline would be completed with the water project by June, 2) by end of year Point Ruston would complete the remainder of the project (lighting, landscaping). Councilmember Hedrick asked if developer had agreed to this schedule. He had discussed the same issue with them two weeks ago and it sounded like the same schedule he heard from them. He confirmed that the premium had been paid on the bond and that the bond would remain in place through whole project. Town engineer Jerry Morrissette confirmed that the bond amount was sufficient to cover construction costs if the developer went into default.  Councilmember Judd had Councilmember Kristovich confirm what improvements would be done when. Councilmember Hardin confirmed where those details are outlined and enforceable.

Hardin was concerned what would happen if the Tacoma water project was delayed. The attorney said the schedule for Point Ruston does not rely on the water project; if this schedule is not met, Ruston will go after bond to complete the work.  Councilmember Hunt wanted all the construction items listed out in the resolution. White noted the details are laid out in the plans attached to the plat approval. The attorney outlined changes since the draft was published; mostly corrections to the agenda bill (49th Street for 29th, 15% should be 150% mark up, some changes to the wording on page 4, completion by 12/31/13). Hopkins asked Morrissette what the road would look like if Tacoma was delayed on their work on the western side of the street - the Tacoma method was to grind out the top 2” and then overlay with new asphalt. Hopkins confirmed the structural integrity of both sides would be ok. White noted that Ruston could require a temporary patch if needed. Hunt confirmed that Baltimore Street should be open by June.

Hedrick announced he would vote in favor of the resolution. The schedule was consistent with what he was told by the developer in his two meetings with Point Ruston. Hardin asked if there were any reasons why Ruston would not be allowing building permits on Stack Hill (was anything dependent on this road work). The two issues were not related. He also announced he would vote in favor of the resolution. He didn’t care what the News Tribune thought; the important thing was that Ruston had a good relationship with the developer. The town had not pressured the developer or taken the bond when they missed their deadline for the Baltimore Street work. He hoped the council would not be vilified in future for that. The resolution was approved 5-0.

Mayor’s Time

Council Time
Nothing from anyone.

The meeting adjourned at 7:36pm.

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