Friday, February 15, 2013

Races Galore

Are you ready to race? Or at least watch someone else race? If so, then Ruston is the place to be this spring. Even if you're not excited to watch the action, be prepared for road closures on these dates:
  • March 16th - St. Paddy's Day Run (map) will loop up Ruston Way, down Bennett, across the Winnifred Street Bridge, down 49th to Baltimore to Commercial, back over the bridge and exit back out Ruston Way.
  • April 20th - Ruston Way 5-K (map) is scheduled to start at the south end of Point Ruston, loop back the site and then down Ruston Way.
  • May 5th - Tacoma City Marathon (map) brings runners up Ruston Way, down Bennett and 54th to Point Defiance Park.
Dust off your running shoes and start training now. It's gonna be another fun season!

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Anonymous said...

This I gota see. It makes me dizzy just reading the directions. Can't wait to see those runners maneuver!
St Paddy's Day Half Marathon. Start on 8th and Pacific. Run down Schuster pkwy and the water side. Turnaround by the gray SHIPS. come back on the same side to the median by 4th St (Dock St). Run down Schuster pkwy on the hill side. Go over overpass Turns in to Ruston Way (runners stay on hill side of Ruston Way) Right on N Shirley St. Right on N 53rd St. Left on N Bennett St. Left on N 54th St. Left on east side of N Winnifred St. Left on N. 49th St. Left on N. Baltimore St. Left on N. Commercial St. Right on N. Winnifred St. Right on N. 51st St. Turns in Ruston Way (hill side) Over overpass Turns into Schuster Pkwy. Schuster Pkwy water side Pacific Ave. Finish.