Friday, February 1, 2013

New Garbage Rules

Today is garbage day in Ruston. With the new-to-us garbage collection system, our trusty maintenance guys are again reminding us the new system does more than save wear and tear on their backs, it requires some changes for residents as well:
  • Carts (a fancy name for the new cans with wheels) need to be set on the edge of the alley/street on collection day with the lid opening facing the road (handle towards the property).
  • Carts must be at least 4 feet from other objects on either side or behind.
  • Lids must be closed or the contents spill before they reach the truck.
  • Please make sure the carts have enough clearance from overhanging eaves or gutters so they won't hit anything as they are picked up.
The crew reports that the new system is working well and everyone seems pleased. If you want advice on where to place your carts, one of the guys can stop by and show you. Just call Town Hall at (253) 759-3544 to arrange a visit.

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