Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Ruston Way 5k

One of our newest Ruston traditions occurred over the weekend - the Ruston Way 5k. Even though only a small portion of the route is in town, the name includes Ruston so we get to claim it. The event this year added a 10k run for stronger runners, and a 1k for the youngest. Despite the cold, it was a great chance to peek inside the new Copperline building and walk a newly opened stretch of the Waterwalk - and run your heart out. A great new Ruston tradition...
New apartment building welcomes racers
Full Copperline lobby before the race

Fleet Feet sponsor mascot
He's everywhere
Elite runners start the race (including the infamous 'shirtless' Ft. Lewis runners
The full crowd followed
First male runner
First female runner
One of the younger 5k racers
Youngest runners ready, set...
Lots of colorful runners


Jim said...

Very fascinating pictures. Can't thank you enough for covering these events and letting us particpate from afar.

Anonymous said...

Hey KP: You said "only a small portion of the route is in Ruston" what is the route inside of Ruston that they ran?

Ruston Home said...

The boundary line runs along the center of N. Orchard, running in a straight line from the end of Orchard to the shoreline. I think the center of the round-a-bout with the construction gate is about the boundary, with that gate being the marker. So from that round-a-about, up thru the top round-a-about and back was the only part of the route on Ruston soil, near as I can guess.