Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Point Ruston Playground Open

Last Friday, another piece of the spectacular Waterwalk at Point Ruston was opened to the public. The walkable area now extends about three-fourths of the way along the shoreline, stopping just short of the Grand Plaza staircase (enter from ferry side). The playground for the youngest walkers is at the end of the current open section. Runners in the second annual Ruston Way 5-K run will be allowed to run the full length of the Waterwalk on Saturday, April 20th. More details are in Point Ruston's latest newsletter (link here). Whether you walk or run, a stroll along the new shoreline is well worth going out of your way...

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Anonymous said...

I took the kids down there this weekend. It is WAY better than I was expecting. I can honestly say it's twice as nice as the other parts of Ruston Way. The mosaics are awesome, the overall width, and wide-open grassy areas are great. the only thing that wasn't a hit was the fake wolf's they have hidden around bushes and rocks to scare away the geese. My three-year-old almost went back to needing to wear diapers after seeing them.

I'm not the biggest fan of this huge of a development, but I must say... Nice job Pointe Ruston. I'm impressed.