Thursday, April 12, 2012


Like a butterfly starting to emerge from its cocoon, the new entrance to Ruston at the bottom of the hill is taking shape. After saying goodbye to the tunnel last summer, the last visible sign of the old structure was covered this week.

A grand opening ceremony with speeches, ribbon-cutting and a 5-K race is just over a week away, scheduled for the morning of Saturday, April 21st. It was hoped this would be the official opening of the new Ruston Way, but current projections are it will still be a month until the road is open. The fence goes back up after the race and the public will have to watch the final touches on the road construction from a distance.

Copperline Apartments taking shape

Train tunnel to the right with the old car tunnel buried under the tarp

The longstanding billboard at the bottom of 51st appears to be going away

The Tacoma-Narrows Federal Credit Union is sporting a snazzy new sign

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