Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ruston Way 5-K Results

Point Ruston provided the following results for the inaugural Ruston 5-K race last Saturday. The results for the Elite race are on the sheet below. Here are the results from the Fun Run:

1st Place Overall Male – Brian Johnson – 17:22
2nd Place Overall Male – Francis Holganza – 17:43
3rd Place Overall Male – Dave Miller – 17:55

1st Place Overall Female – Gretchen Van Dyke – 19:47
2nd Place Overall Female – Kathleen King – 20:13
3rd Place Overall Female – Nancy Abraham – 20:31

1st Place Masters Male – Dan Osier – 18:39
2nd Place Masters Male – Steve Yester – 18:52

1st Place Masters Female – Wenche Wahl – 22:21
2nd Place Masters Female – Kathy Johnson – 23:13

Here is a bit more info on each of the Elite Race Winners…
Mike Sayenko (Mike did mention this was a record for him on a road course)

More details available on RustonWay5K.com.

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