Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baby Alice

The previous post about Baby Alice, Ruston's favorite cat, has been removed at the request of Alice's owners. Alice will be missed by many.


Anonymous said...

He will be missed. No matter who asks what, you posted a beautiful picture of him that many adored.Everyone deserves to know about it. Thank you for what you did and im sorry for the owners that they werent able to let you share his story. The truth of the matter is that we all KNOW. In all honesty I believe that his "owners" was the whole towm of Ruston. Thank you again for sharing his story even if others didn't get the opportunity to read and share oir feelings.

Ruston Home said...

Thanks for the input. Alice was their pet and its reasonable they tell his story in their own way (with more privacy). But I encourage everyone to share their favorite stories about Alice here. I am truly amazed at how far he roamed and how many friends he made all over town!

Jim said...

Very inspirational local town story! Definitely a LIKE.
Glad I got to read it definitely a reason to log on every day.