Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Unthinkable Horror In Our Backyard

As the mother of a young girl at the time, the 1986 sexual assault and murder of Jennifer Bastain and Michella Welch forever stole my sense of safety, even in a small town like Ruston. I believe we are safer here with police close by and neighbors who care. But there is no guaranteed protection from monsters who kill children.

Michella was killed at Puget Park - just a few blocks from here. Jennifer was killed at Point Defiance - in our backyard. Both murders are unsolved and likely committed by the same person. Tacoma Police recently created a cold case unit that has developed new clues about the killer and they are asking for help from everyone, especially those of us in this area. The News Tribune has outlined the new information (here). Please read it and contact Tacoma Police with any input, no matter how small or trivial. And let's pray that justice for Jenny and Michella can finally be served.

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Beth T said...

It was such a horror to live through as a community and an unspeakable horror for Jennifer and Michelle's families.
My prayers for discovery and peace for their families are daily and strong.
I hope today's technology will bring the killer to justice!