Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baltimore Street Open

After years and years, Baltimore Street is open, connecting traffic to Ruston Way and both Ruston's south side and Tacoma. The town just completed repaving the western side of the street and replacing the sidewalks that were in bad shape this month. Even though the new Ruston Way has been open over a year, this final link is shiny, new and now open for traffic.


Anonymous said...

Karen. Do you know when the street was first closed. Seems like around 20 years. Can that be right.

Ruston Home said...

I don't remember for sure. We just had the 20 year anniversary of the Stack implosion, so I don't think its been that long. I know it was closed during remediation in the early 2000's sometime. So my guess is it's been closed about 10 years.