Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Council Meeting Notes Preview

I don't have my notes prepared yet, but a couple of issues were discussed that I felt were important:
  • School: It was announced that Point Ruston has approved the conditions proposed by the town to extend their lease in the building for two more years. The monthly amount will be gradually increased to match what the town feels they need to break-even. The agreement is for two years, but the town can cancel it at the one year mark. The mayor indicted that means the potential sale of the school will not happen for at least a year.
  • Council Vacancy: After an executive session to discuss personnel matters, the mayor announced that only one person had applied for the vacancy on time, Bruce Judd. A second application was received the next day from Michael Schoenecker. The council will have Mr. Judd answer questions in writing, which will be read at the next meeting. They will then decide if he will be appointed. If they choose not to appoint him, new applications will be invited - at which time Mr. Schoenecker can reapply. On a side note, the town will not release any information about the applicants other than the verbal announcement of their names at the meeting last night.

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Oops, what day was the deadline?