Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Little About Ruston's New Councilmember

I invited our newest councilmember to share some background so we could get to know him better. Bruce Judd was appointed at the last council meeting and will serve for two years until the next regular election. When I spoke to him after the meeting, he mentioned he had been an attorney but had a stroke, which impacts his ability to speak. Here are more details he shared in an email: 

I am finished University of Washington Law School  in 1979.  I had a stroke in August, 2005.  I had aphasia.  My aphasia are global aphasia and pure word deafness (I can hear but not understand some words).  My aphasia are:  1. inability to comprehend language;  2. inability to speak spontaneously;  3. inability to form words;  4.  inability to name objects;  5 .  poor enunciation;  6.   excessive creation and use of personal neologisms;  7.   persistent repetition of phrases;  8.  agrammatism (inability to speak in a grammatically correct fashion);  8.  incomplete sentences;  9.  inability to write; 10.   limited verbal output;  and 11.   difficulty in naming.  My aphasia are not like memory impairments, attention disorders or perceptual problems. 

Welcome to our newest town leader!

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