Monday, February 13, 2012

Ruston Council Are Employees?

Town officials offered the following response to my request for the application materials submitted for the current council vacancy. Because the council is paid $30 per month the town can claim this is an employment process, withhold all information and hold their discussion in executive session (as was done at the last meeting).

I contacted one of the applicants, Michael Schonecker, and he gave permission to post his resume (below). Mr. Schonecker submitted his application late and will not be considered unless the council decides not to appoint the only other applicant, Bruce Judd.

I was only able to locate one Judd family in Ruston. I have sent a letter to them asking that, if Mr. Judd is the Bruce announced at the last meeting, to please submit his application material for public review here. I'll post anything I receive from Mr. Judd.

The council announced at their last meeting that they will read Mr. Judd's written responses to a list of questions they will prepare for him. The reading will occur during the meeting on February 21st. The council has a total of 3 months to fill the vacancy.


Beth said...

This is kind of strange. Why do we waste time and money for an election of our "public" representitive/council members?

Anonymous said...

Council members are not employees, they are elected officials, don't let them fool you. The President of the United States gets paid, is he an employee??? The only reason people don't want things public is they are afraid of something. If the elected officials won't work with you, elect someone that will.