Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ruston Denies Records Request

Citing RCW 42.56.250, Ruston officials have denied a public records request from the Ruston Home blog for the names and application materials received for the current council vacancy. The town council invited residents to submit resumes and apply for the open seat by January 31, 2012. The vacancy was created when Dorothy Bailey could not serve after being elected last fall.

The RCW referenced outlines exemptions from public disclosure for certain public employee records. The mayor stated that if the applications ever become public, they will be provided. At the last council meeting, the council said they would interview applicants at the first regular meeting in February.


Beth said...

I'm not liking this...

The community has the right to know who has applied. If a mistake was made in a comment or decision on this topic I would definatley accept a correction and appology. Let's stay out of the press and courtroom....please.

Jim said...

Sounds like you need an appointment with Joan Mell.