Sunday, May 19, 2013

Development Moratorium

Ruston's recent moratorium on commercial development has made the front page of the local paper. You can read The News Tribune article via this link... Town planner Rob White is quoted as saying the planning commission's recent visioning meeting (with 5 people in attendance) produced some different 'visions' of Ruston's future than are reflected in the current codes - which necessitated the complete shutdown of all development...


Anonymous said...

Tacoma annexes them. That would be an ideal ending.

Despite spending six years fighting Point Ruston and Stack Hill tooth and nail they still are counting on this development to save them. The government in Ruston is more like a dog chasing it's tail.

Six years ago a new group took over the Ruston town council vowing to turn the town into a bedroom community eliminating all businesses. This latest fiasco is just an ongoing part of that effort.

The only condos in Ruston were approved by the previous town council and are behind the two story school building blocking nobody's view.

Anonymous said...

Blocking nobodys view? You serious Clark. The Town has never been run better in the last 30 years.
Look at the bussiness along Pearl and tell me what we'er missing. Great planning leads to a great commnuity with out having law suits
in the future.