Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Other's Think: Moratorium

It's always interesting to see what others outside our little world think about us - such as with the council's recent emergency declaration halting all development in commercial zones. Exit 133 has researched the issue and posted a story here.

The "visioning" meeting that started this process only had five members of the public attend; who apparently wanted a strong residential neighborhood with limited commercial options. The current planning process will tighten existing codes to match this new "vision". The public hearing on the proposed changes to commercial zoning standards will be held tomorrow night, 7pm at the Joyce Community Center (5219 N. Shirley Street).

The proposed changes are available on Ruston's web page here. It's a long read, but very important. Be sure to attend the hearing tomorrow to let your voice be heard. It is unclear if testimony will be limited to two minutes like council meetings, but I believe this will be the only time residents will be allowed to testify.


Anonymous said...

I see these personal vendettas coming from the council and yet nobody in Ruston signs up to get rid of them exept one person.
So why do you expect change?
When all the businesses are gone they will have won without any opposition. Point Ruston will build in Tacoma ignoring Ruston for the next four years.
This has been ongoing for seven years and you still haven't got s clue?

Anonymous said...

What personal vendettas?
Who is the person that signs up to get rid of them? What change is expected and by who?
What has been ongoing for seven years? Thanks

Anonymous said...

They must be talking about the Council from 5 years ago. Things are pretty peaceful these days.